Managed Print Services

Do you feel like your copiers and printers are no longer team players in your office?

Are your machines taking unanticipated time off, constantly calling in sick, spending too much time in the break room, consuming too much toner and paper and jamming to their own music instead of grooving with your office’s tune?

Stop the reboots and make R.K. Black your V.P. of Documents.

R.K. Black: Bringing you help
We’ll bring your office the help it needs. With our managed print services, we'll monitor and manage your print fleet on a continuous basis so you don’t have to.

We’ll gather information about your printing environment, talk with you to identify trouble areas and create a strategy to reduce printing costs and increase office productivity.

Combined with R.K. Black’s renowned client care and superior service, our program will provide you with an all-in-one solution that:

  • Reduces your printing costs
  • Increases office productivity
  • Ensures the best utilization of your fleet
  • Refreshes expensive devices
  • Fixes problems before devices break down
  • Reduces downtime from over use
  • Submits meter readings automatically
  • Transparently sees the costs of your devices, and
  • Makes educated decisions about replacing your printing assets.


Case Study

Southern Nazarene University: A case in point for managed print services

Download our case study of how we helped SNU save money and angst: The Taming of the APE (PDF).

Or watch the following video to see the case study showing how implementing managed print reduced costs and hassle at this Oklahoma City-area private university.