Corporate Intent

Having vision and mission statements were just the beginning! We purposefully created a set of faith-based, values-driven statements that we strive to apply to every decision we make. We want both our internal associates and our external clients to know ‘upfront’ how we do business. These statements represent our organizational commitment to all who know and work with us. We admit we are not perfect, but our intent is to let these statements be our guide as we build long-term relationships throughout the markets we serve.

R.K. BLACK Corporate Intent:                                      Attribute:
We are a company that cares.                                        Heart
We operate with unity and respect.                                Teamwork
We personify honesty and integrity.                                Character
We create an exciting, uplifting environment.                 Celebration
We achieve excellence by creativity and design.            Ingenuity
We deliver tremendous Client Care consistently.            Value Driven
We dominate our market for the products we sell.          Intensity
We achieve superior financial performance.                    Results
We invest our success to impact lives.                            Significance
We thank God for our success!                                        Humility

In Summary, our goal is to: 

Help People, Make Money & Have Fun!