Beware of Toner Scams!

Watch out for toner phoners!

We are hearing increasing reports of clients being scammed by out-of-state Toner Phoners who sell inferior products at inflated prices.

Here is their typical approach:

  • 1st call: They claim they are updating their records and need the model and serial number of your copier. Once they have this information, they know the brand of copier and can look in the yellow pages to find our company name . . . they are ready for the 2nd scam call. 
  • 2nd call: They imply they are calling from our company and claim prices are getting ready to jump due to some fabricated disaster or shortage. To avoid the price increase, you should BUY NOW!

How do you avoid being victimized?

  • Advise your office staff of the scam.
  • If you get a call from someone claiming to be with our company, ask for a local phone number you can call back on. At this point, the scammers usually get belligerent or may simply hang up.
  • If you receive bogus toner, don’t pay for it! Call the out-of-state company and tell them to pick it up. You can contact the Better Business Bureau or the nearest Federal Trade Commission office for further assistance.

As a practice, we do not call our clients to sell toner. Most of our Service Contracts include toner as part of the “per copy” charge, so we have no reason to call and try to sell you toner. We appreciate your business and hope this information will help you avoid being victimized.


Chris M. Black