Microfilm & Book Scanners

Imagine Microfilm. But Better. 

Think of the microfilm machines of old, their dimly lit screens and their dorm-room refrigerator size with their knobs for scrolling through pages and adjusting focus, skew and contrast. Often sitting on the desk next to them would be a pen and notepad scrawled with notes, a stack of reference books or maybe a laptop computer. What if you could have an internet-capable microfilm machine but smaller, eliminating the need for notes or a computer as this device could do it all? Introducing the ScanPro 3000.

Smaller. Simpler.
The ScanPro 3000 is an industrial-grade microfilm and microfiche system half size of legacy microfilm machines, but with a brightly lit flat computer screen, its image automatically focused, skewed and contrasted for easy, hands-free legibility with the push of a button — a mouse as its only external control.

Synced ... to the Web.
Not only that. The on-screen document is word searchable, linked to the Internet, eradicating the need for an outside computer or dictionary — every word on the screen able to function as a link to a Web-based reference to your choosing and able to be converted and saved as a word-searchable PDF, to be printed, emailed or saved to whatever destination desired.

ScanPro 3000
That's the ScanPro 3000.

To learn more about it, give us a call and we’ll demonstrate it for you — because seeing is believing.

The Scannx Book Scanner: Safe, Easy information preservation for the next generation 

The next generation in self-service book scanning is here with the arrival of the Scannx Book ScanCenter and is sending books and documents to where few books have gone before — the cloud.

With this kiosk-based system’s touch screen and scanner, users can scan and send book and magazine pages, documents and other printed items to their e-mail, Google Docs directory or to a USB thumb drive, PC, fax, printer or even to the cloud — accessible by smartphone or tablet PC in PDF, searchable PDF or Word file formats.

The Scannx Book ScanCenter features an easy-to-use 15” touch screen computer, a book-binder-friendly 11” x 17” book-edge scanner and OCR language support in five languages. The system encourages the use of books for research and collaboration, but with the mobile accessibility offered by modern-day technology. It reduces costs and increases effectiveness while offering the environmentally friendliness of paperless viewing.

To learn more about the Scannx Book ScanCenter, call us at (405) 943-9800 and or click the red button below, tell us about yourself and your need and a specialist will contact you shortly.