4 benefits of using a digital mail meter at your business

If society today were a tapestry, much of what holds it together, especially in the business world, is technology — everything from the Internet, to email, to mobile devices and their beloved apps to all various kinds of electronic communication. Even so, woven through all of it is still the perhaps thousands-years old method of communication, traditional mail — and it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.

Businesses still use “snail mail” for sending invoices, paying bills, communication, marketing and more. But even though the system and method of mail is old, technology has found its way into the mailroom the digital mail meter. 

Postage meter PostBase by FP Mailing Solutions at RK Black Oklahoma City

Here is how a postage meter can benefit your business:

Save time

Digital mailing meters enable small and medium-sized businesses to print their postage directly to their mail, saving time.

Think about it. Time is money. How much time does it take your business to drive to the post office, stand in line to buy stamps and then then to apply those stamps? A whole lot, right?

Save yourself the drive, line and apply time by using a digital mail meter at your office.

Save money

Did know as of January 2019, mail meter users save five cents per piece of first class mail when compared to traditional lick-em’ and stick em’ (or just stick ‘em) stamp users? Five cents may not be much, but if it all adds up.

*In fact, if your company sends out more than 579 pieces of first class mail per month — that’s like 30 pieces per day — multiply that by the 5 cents you save per mail piece by using a digital mail meter, that savings could pay for a monthly mail meter rental with us (with either FP’s PostBase on a 24 to 30 month lease).

To go back to the point above about saving time, the PostBase being able to process 30 letters a minute, you are now able to now complete your mailroom duties in just a fraction of the time with little to no cost to you — and actually come out far ahead when you factor in labor hours!

Give your mail a more professional look

If your using traditional stamps, while the American flag, wildflower or animal designs are great, what if you could but your company’s logo or name on your own stamp? With digital mail meters, you can! It can be printed as part of the indicia, furthering your brand and your professional look.

Easier/ faster postage tracking

With digital meters, you can download any new rate changes at the speed of your Internet connection, saving you mental space keeping track of all the varying rates and also allowing to to project and tally your postage spend.

While traditional mail may be here to stay, why not harness current mailroom technology with a postage meter to save time and save money.

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