6 benefits organizations will enjoy with managed print services

Too many organizations, especially smaller cash-strapped ones, understandably shy of contracts and spending hard-to-get funds, think they are saving money by purchasing cheap desktop printers at big-box stores. What they don’t realize is they will end up spending several times what they paid for the printer in toner costs every single year they own the device — not to mention paper, repairs and unexpected downtimes (we say “unexpected” but you can expect they’ll happen at the worst times possible as Murphy’s law dictates).

Even going the contract route with a copier dealer, organizations face unexpected repair bills and the ebbing and flowing of consumable costs, making printing costs unpredictable — the printer raiding the coffers one month and only sipping from them the next.  

With managed print services, most if not all of those issues are resolved.

Here are six benefits of moving from leasing or buying a printer or copier to a managed services contract:

Eliminate upfront investment — The initial cost of your device(s) are rolled into your scheduled payments.

Remove unexpected repair costs in parts and labor — Your regularly scheduled payment takes care of these too.

Eradicate or reduce printer/copier down time — Your service providers will monitor and take whatever necessary action to prevent issues before they happen. If something does happen, they’ll fix it right away. R.K. Black even has a loaner program in case the device really goes belly-up.

Diminish total cost per printed page — As it’s in your service provider’s best interest to keep costs low, your costs will see savings too.

Eliminate toner costs — These are included in your regularly scheduled payment, no longer on a separate bill.

Keep equipment up-to-date — You need not worry about replacing your equipment. As it’s in your service provider’s best interest to keep your costs down, your provider will know when it’s time to swap out the equipment for newer, more efficient technology.

It’s for these reasons many organizations opt for managed print services.

In short, going the MPS route leaves one less thing for organizations to have to manage, allowing them to focus their management skills on their organization and their core goals.

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