VoIP Phone Service: What it is and why businesses love it

Traditional wisdom says to not reinvent the wheel. While that’s good advice, it doesn’t mean the wheel can’t be utilized in ways unimagined by the inventor.

Since that October day in 1876 when Alexander Graham Bell and his assistant Thomas Watson talked by telephone to each other with two miles of wire between them, a whole lot has changed in the way of telephony, the technology graduating from being wire-based, to wireless, to most recently being internet-based with VoIP telephone technology.

VoIP: What it is. How it works.

VoIP is an acronym for Voice Over Internet Protocol, or said in plain English — phone service through the internet. What makes VoIP phone service different is as opposed to landline or cellular-based phone technology, which sends your voice exclusively through phone utilities, is VoIP technology turns your speech into data which then travels through your local network or through the internet to the person of your choosing — just like an email.

So What Makes VoIP So Great?

Being data and internet based, VoIP technology is typically cheaper than traditional phone service as it uses a single network to carry voice and data, and is far more functional as calls can be placed via a landline phone, mobile device or even computer, as long as there is internet.

The Breakdown of Why VoIP is Better Than Traditional 

Saves money. Instead of running two different networks (your phone system and your computer network), you can only have one. Your phone system will run on the same network as the rest of your technology. It’s a consolidation of services, which means less money spent due to service and maintenance costs.

Expands more easily. Ever thought about adding a new office location?  Unlike analog systems that require you to purchase and maintain a phone system in each location, a VoIP based system only requires one — once again allowing for consolidation of hardware and less capital expenditures for your business.

Gives mobility. With VoIP, no longer are you tied to your desk to make a business call. Your phone system is with you whenever you have internet connectivity, through either your laptop or mobile device. With a headset or pair of headphones, your laptop is now a fully-functioning work desk. An app on your cell phone provides your business’s caller ID information to the recipient, providing true business communication mobility.

Is more than just a phone system. You can expand your VoIP service to turn it into more of a collaboration platform by which you can instant message, video chat or web conference.

With VoIP technology being cheaper, more functional and more flexible, it's no wonder more and more businesses are moving away from traditional phone technology to this new internet-based phone solution.

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