4 benefits of hiring an onsite shredding service

All businesses great or small handling any paper bearing sensitive information should invest in a shredding service. It’s just like how those same businesses should invest in locks for their doors. Just like how locks protect your business space, equipment and people, document shredding protects your data.

Whether you invest in a document shredding unit for your office, take advantage of a local drop-off shredding service (if you are a very small business) or hire a shredding company to come shred your sensitive paper, that is of course you business. The important thing is you are protecting your business, your data and your people.

But if you are trying to determine whether or not to entrust your shredding needs to local document shredding services provider, and maybe the decision is down to going with a shredding pick-up service (also known as offsite shredding) or an onsite shredding service, here are four advantages of going with the onsite option.

Peace of Mind

One of the benefits of shredding is the immediate peace of mind you get when you know your documents are torn to bits and rendered illegible. If you go with an offsite shredding service company, the company may take your documents off your hands, but not necessarily of your mind. They may store them in a warehouse and your sensitive information may not be shredded for another two weeks. However, If you are going for peace of mind, elect to go with an onsite shredding service provider where you can watch the documents destroyed before your eyes, where you want and when you want.


For everything there is a season, just like in the song, and some seasons you’ll have more paper to shred than other seasons. Onsite shredders can adapt to meet your needs, varying amounts, schedules and locations. Have some extra paper to shred one week? Fine. They’ll drop it in the shredding hopper. Need your shredder to show up once a week during tax season? They’ll work you in. Most mobile shredding companies even will offer one-time shredding services (called a purge) or regularly scheduled services, whether you need shredding once a week, once every two weeks or once a month.


So we covered how once the documents are shredded they are secure, but what about before the shredder shreds them? What happens to the documents from the point they are slated for destruction and their actual destruction? For regular service customers, your mobile shredding provider will provide you with locked document collection cabinets or bins conveniently located in your office so that your documents are secure until your shredding service arrives to shred them.

Cost Effectiveness

With a mobile shredding service provider, you don’t need to invest in an office shredder or worry about repair cost or downtime. You don’t need to give up office space for the shredder or office time for an associate to spending shredding your records. Furthermore, going back to flexibility, your service provider will likely work with you on pricing and a plan that works with your needs.

Really if you boil it down, the big overarching benefit for choosing an onsite shredding service could be summed up under benefit number one — peace of mind. That’s what you get with onsite shredding. The more headspace you can free up, the fewer worries on your mind, the more productive you will be.

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