4 top benefits of using VoIP phone systems for business

So you want to know what makes VoIP business phone service so much better than legacy business phone systems? Well, the “bennies” are many, but here are perhaps the four biggest advantages a VoIP telephone system has over a traditional system. 


VoIP is often just plain cheaper than your typical legacy business phone system. This is largely because the VoIP system runs only on one network, a computer network, whereas a legacy system requires two networks, both a phone-exclusive network and a computer network to operate. As a VoIP system has only one home, your business’s computer network, it requires less for service and maintenance fees — meaning less outlay for you.


Unlike an analog business phone system, VoIP grows as you grow. With traditional phone systems, if your company adds a new office, you must purchase a new phone system for that location. Not so with VoIP. As VoIP is network-based, it expands with your network. If your business plants a new location in Wichita, Kan. for example, as long as that office is on the same network as your office, you can use the same VoIP phone system.  This in turn keeps your hardware, installation and service costs down and consolidated.


VoIP allows you to use your business phone from anywhere — from your car, your home, from the other side of world — as long as you have internet access. As VoIP is “voice over internet protocol,” it is internet-based giving you a super long tether. Not only that, but the VoIP app on your smartphone provides to the person you are calling your company’s caller ID information. So while you are relaxed in your swim trunks taking in the view from the beaches of Belize (see picture above) and calling Mr. Smith, CEO of ACME Inc., for all he knows, you're calling, suit-and-tied up, from your office in Kansas City.


Speaking of mobile apps and of traveling, your VoIP service can be much more than just a phone service. You can expand it to make it meet your business messaging, video chat or web conferencing needs. With your VoIP service’s mobile app, your VoIP phone system can be the Swiss Army knife you can bring onboard the plane to Belize.

Hopefully, while this list of benefits is not a comprehensive one, it is enough to help you understand some advantages in opting for a VoIP business telephone solution over a legacy phone system.


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