How to replace the waste toner bottle on a Ricoh 03 series copier (Video included)

From time to time, your Ricoh copier system will request for you to change your consumables and this includes you toner and waste toner bottles.

Here is how to change the waste toner bottle on a Ricoh 03 and newer 04 series copier. 

The great thing is, your system will alert you whenever your waste toner bottle is approaching being full. It will have an alert that will prompt you on the lower left-hand corner of the touchscreen display.

See an alert? Don't be alarmed. Just make the call.

When you see that notification, call your office technology supplier to let them know you will need a new waste toner bottle. Once you do this, you should receive your new bottle in a few days. For RK Black clients, the waste toner bottle will arrive in one to two business days. 

Just so you know, the Ricoh system will continue operating and printing as normal until the system is completely full at which point it will suspend printing, giving you a prompt, asking you to swap out the old bottle for a new one.

If you’ve got a print job in the queue when this happens, don’t worry. As long as you don’t turn your Ricoh copier off, you will not lose the jobs in the queue. Your Ricoh copier will maintain the queue so once the waste toner bottle swap is completed, the printing will begin where it left off.

Out with the old. In with the new.

Once the new, empty waste toner bottle arrives, you are then ready to exchange the full waste toner bottle with new empty bottle.

When you are ready to make the swap, simply open the door you’ll find immediately to the left of tray 1 and above trays 2 and 3. Behind that door you will find a black plastic box. That is the waste toner bottle.

Carefully pull the bottle out making sure to do so with a nice smooth motion as the bottle is full of toner which can easily be spilled, leaving a mess on your hands and everything else.

Then take a trash sack, wrap it around the waster toner bottle and tie it off. That way if something happens and the bottle gets shaken, jostled or dropped, you won’t have toner go everywhere.

Now that you have the old bottle out and safely secured, it’s time to put the new waste toner bottle in the system. The new bottle you should find in a plastic sleeve in a cardboard box. As a side note, if you haven’t put the full waste toner bottle in a bag, you can place it in this sleeve as an alternative it will do just as good a job securing the full waste toner bottle. 

Remove the new bottle from the box and from the plastic sleeve, and turn it so the end with green handle is facing you and is the end furthest from the Ricoh copier. Then just slide it in waste toner bottle compartment until you feel or hear a click, letting you know it is secure.

Then, just close the door. 

Voila! It is as simple as that!

Relax and pat yourself on the back

Congratulations! You’ve changed the waste toner bottle on your Ricoh copier and you are ready to go! 

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