Is it bad to leave the copier lid up?

Question: Is it bad to leave the copier lid up?

Answer: In the old days of the analogue copier, it was bad as the machine’s mirrors would direct any light to the photosensitive drum, exposing it and ruining it.

Now-a-days with digital technology, it is only bad if the lid is left open while copying. While current technology makes the machine’s optics and mirrors only active during the copying process, if the lid is left open during operation the copier uses more toner.

As explained by our field service supervisor Derek Bendure, when you make a copy of a 8"x11" sheet, for example, and leave the lid open, everything that doesn’t reflect copier’s scanning light is then read as black. This in turn the copier interprets as space to reproduce in black, dramatically increasing the usage of toner from a document’s typical 5percent fill to 100 percent — twenty times more toner.

“You are using way more toner then you should and that’s expensive,” explained Bendure, adding also that the process prematurely wears outthe drum and the fuser.

In short, while leaving the lid open is not as bad as it once was with older technology, it may result in unnecessary expenses in toner and copier parts. So, yes, it's bad.

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