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Every once in a while we post some new downloadable wallpapers for your computer monitor. Here's a new set!

Celebrate the New Year with Color!

2020 was a difficult year, no doubt. That's one reason we celebrate the new year as it represents new opportunities, a fresh start, bigger hopes, hopefully easier times and new horizons. While past albums we've posted were comprised entirely of photos of foliage, and blossoms — all great symbols of hope, opportunity and new beginnings — this album includes two landscapes featuring a sunset as seen from the summit of Oklahoma's own Mt. Scott — seemingly symbolic of the setting of another year, making the way for a new day, but also with that colorful Oklahoma sky, a bright horizon rich with opportunity.  

Though 2020 was a challenging year, it still did have its moments of beauty.

Here are just a few. Enjoy!

Viewing and Download Instructions

These 1920 x 1080 wallpaper images are all free to download. Simply click on the image below and you'll be taken to the Flickr website. Once there, look to the bottom and right of the photo you like and you should see three icons. To download, click the downward-pointing arrow (the third icon from the left) and select the size image you want. This will start the download process.

Summer & Fall 2020 Wallpaper Images


Why are we sharing these images with you?

Because we are RK Black. Our goal is to help people, make money and have fun. We know that offices can become, well, same-ol', same ole' and can often use a little or a lot of color. If you are working from home, maybe you can use some springtime cheer on your monitor there as well! As we are in the business of bringing office technology solutions to organizations, we figured we should bring some colorful scenes of beauty to your desk to make your work more enjoyable.

Happy New Year!

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