How to protect your business data from disasters

It’s as true in the business world as it is in life, if not truer — time is money. But ever increasingly, data is money too, especially when it comes to downtime due to lost business data.

Bad stuff happens, even in business

As we all know, bad stuff happens. It’s often not a matter of if but when.

Doubtless you’ve heard of Murphy’s Law: “If anything can go wrong, it will,” according to some versions, other versions then adding to the statement “and at the worst possible time.” As fatalistic as that may be, you may have heard it said “Murphy was an optimist.”

Lost data means lost business 

If you think about it, businesses run on data. While revenue may be the lifeblood of a business, often data is the heart, arteries and the veins. If a business loses its billing records, for example, this may very well negatively impact the business’s cashflow — and that’s just billing.

If a network is upended and data lost due to a malware infection, or a natural disaster, such as a tornado or flooding or even a building fire wipes away your records, that results in downtime for your business. As time is money, this can be very costly, if not fatally so, for a business. 

According to one Gartner statistic, unplanned downtime alone whether due to natural or a technical disaster can cost a business tens of thousands of dollars — the cost of downtime for computer networks being $42,000 hourly.

So while you may store your paper records in locked file cabinets, and those documents are scanned and stored on your network, and you may have your network’s data backed up on a hard drive in your office, all that it takes is a tornado or a flood or a ransomware type virus and all that data is lost.

Flood waters swamp go-cart track business in Bartlesville following May 2019 storm. (Photo by Scott Sullivan/RK Black Inc.)

​Prepare for disaster so you don't lose

That’s why it’s so important to prepare for any disaster, whether natural, supernatural (i.e. “Act of God”), or electronic, by implementing an offsite backup, disaster recovery (BDR) and business continuity solution. That way, when disaster does strike your business — you will still have all of your business data at another location and you’ll be able to use that to get back up and running with little to no downtime.

That way, when the worst does happen to your business and at the worst possible time, you’ll have no data lost, no time lost and no money lost. Your business will be preserved.

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