3 reasons to restart your computer daily

If you are like most people, when Friday roles around, you are so glad it’s the end of the week and are doubtless looking forward to a long restful weekend. It’s why there are such hashtags as #thatfridayfeeling, #fridaymood and #friyay. Hopefully, by the time Monday rolls around, you are refreshed and ready to tackle another week. 

The feeling is probably similar, though smaller, every workday when the clock says 5 o’clock. You stop your work, head home  and recharge.

Stop and think though. If you are working at a computer every day, when the clock rolls around to 5, do you just pack up and leave and let the computer go to sleep, or do you shut it down so it so it can rest too?

Believe it or not, just like you need your nightly rest, your PC or Mac need some shut-eye too, though much less than we humans do. It’s why we recommend you to restart your computer everyday.

Here are 3 reasons you should shut down and restart your computer every day.

Give it a clean slate

Closing all your applications and restarting your computer is the easiest way to help clear your RAM, freeing it of all those pesky background processes that weigh your PC down and giving it a clean slate to start on.

Allow it to update

Maybe the best reason to restart your machine is to protect it. Shutting down and restarting your PC and its applications gives your machine and its software a chance to load and install any needed updates.

Nowadays, with all of the security exploits so prevalent in the cyber space — not to mention the bugs that occur in operating systems and software — developers are constantly releasing patches and fixes, sometimes daily. It is during your restarts that many of these fixes are uploaded and installed, allowing your machine to run more smoothly, safely and securely.

If you just put your PC to sleep everyday, you may be opening your system up to be compromised. If that happens, the hassle of restarting your PC will be small in comparison to the trouble you will have if your machine gets hacked or infected.

Don’t be thrown off your groove

Doubtless you’ve had it happen to you: You’re typing away or are trying to run some numbers and suddenly you get the feared hourglass or pinwheel of death. The next thing you know, your application freezes or worse, crashes. If your didn’t save your work, it’s all lost and you’ve got to start over. Frustrating, isn’t it? 

Save yourself the frustration and restart your machine at the end of the day, when you don’t have any applications open and no projects underway. You literally then have nothing to lose. So before you leave at your desk or before you start your day, save yourself some pain and restart the machine. You should not have to worry about it dropping out on you partway through the day.

So before you #peaceout for the day or #friyay for the weekend, give your computer a chance to rest, reboot, clear its RAM, update and make your Monday and every workday a smoother and happier one. 

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