Why digital document management could be the best 'green' technology for your organization

Most of today's green initiatives within organizations focus on resources, but ignore their greatest resource, their people. Implementing document management technology in your workplace can help your organization's workforce and, as a biproduct, may actually reduce your business's use of natural resources.

 “Go green!” This phrase has been the mantra for businesses for many years now as companies focus more and more on reducing waste and recycling resources.

In reaching this goal of “greenification,” organizations have been focused on converting vehicle fleets to natural gas or electric, swapping incandescent bulbs to their fluorescent or LED counterparts, replacing water-bottle dispensers with water coolers, and of course, reducing paper.

While these measures are all great, they all address peripheral resources, not a business’s main resource — its people and the time and effort they commit toward the business and its various functions.

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What's your organization's greatest resource?

As various critical business processes such as human resources management, accounts payable and receivable, contract collaboration and compliance all command valuable man-hours, they require people and their time. This in turn requires all the technology, office space, air conditioning, light, fuel and paper they need to complete their jobs.

You see, that’s why we say the green and cost-cutting measures most companies implement address only marginal resources, not their main resource, their people. Focusing on them will naturally result in the desired reductions of their peripheral supporting resources.

What if you could streamline the process of hiring, for example, so that when you receive a job application, the data immediately flows into a database which you can use for enrollment, should you hire the individual, or save for future inquiry, all without requiring manual data entry and the time it takes.

Or what about in the area of accounts receivable, if you could do away with manual data entry for orders, the hours spent hunting signed proof of delivery receipts or other records or effort required toward assessing client payment performances, tracking late payments and such.

What if you no longer had to manually track contracts in their various stages of the fulfillment process, from signing to requested changes and revisions to keeping your eyes on them as they work their way through the queue?

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Document management technology helps your people help you

Are we suggesting then a reduction in workforce? By no means! What we are proposing is a better use of your labor force and their time, saving them effort and your company money.

So how does one do this?

Through using a powerful document management software such as Square9, our most popular.

This software offers several different options ranging from apps costing a couple hundred bucks to custom-priced enterprise-level workflow solutions. Through this software, you can establish document workflows, automating your numerous document and business processes so you can redirect labor and time put toward what is now overhead to functions that actually make your company money.

Doing so will not only result in greater ROI from your labor resources, but also will reduce your usage of those peripheral workforce-supporting resources — office space, power, technology, paper and so on.

And before you know it, not only do you have a greener company, but by being able to transition your people away from being overhead and toward being production, you’ll be seeing a whole lot less red and a whole lot more green ($$$) — if you know what I mean.

So, go green with automation and digital document management. Make an appointment with us today to see how we can simplify your paper process. Just click the red button below, tell us about yourself and we'll get right back to you.

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