Watch out for Hurricane Harvey phishing scams!

It once was said “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.” Sadly, it appears some malicious hackers are taking that advice to heart when it comes to Hurricane Harvey.

Earlier this week, our director of IT and data security John Sanders sent an email to all of our associates warning them to be careful of any emails and other media related to Hurricane Harvey as they may be phishing attempts.

We are passing on that warning to you.

“There is no limit to how low the scammers will go to exploit an event to their benefit,” he wrote, saying scammers are using the Hurricane Harvey disaster with Facebook pages and tweets to steer well-intentioned individuals to fake charity websites, their goal being to use your good will to steal your money, either directly or though gaining personal information that that will eventually get them to your cash.

These scammers are also sending phishing emails asking for donations, ostensibly for Hurricane Harvey relief, but that if acted upon end up only lining the wallets of the senders.

Don’t fall for these scams and keep a wary eye.

If you want to help out and make a donation, simply go to the website of the charity of your choosing and make a donation by typing in the address. Don’t click on any emailed or texted links.

As with any links you receive, especially when it comes to emails with subject lines, links or attachments related to Hurricane Harvey, think before you click.

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