What Documents to Keep, Which to Shred and When: A business guide (Infographic)​

Businesses of all industries create literally tons of paper. If your business is like most, you have lots of it stacked away in filing cabinets, even stashed in your desk drawers and maybe even piled on your desk ... and now it's time to rid your space of some of that paper weight.

Going through personal paperwork can be quite the chore (not knowing what you need to keep or trash and when) — not to mention the complexity of the same with business records. That's why we've made a handy-dandy infographic to help you sort your documents to their fates — to the filing cabinet or to the shred bin and certain destruction.

As the infographic below is only a cheatsheet guide, please consult you CPA, financial advisor and/or attorney about your unique business before you do any shredding.

Infographic: Documents to keep, documents to destroy and when. Click to download PDF.

For those papers you decide to get rid of, make sure you don't just throw them away as they may contain sensitive personal, personnel or company information — material you don't want identity theives or competitors sorting through your trash to get ahold of. Contact a NAID-certified destruction company near you and have them shred your material. If they are anything like us, not only is your infomation shredded in front of your very eyes, the paper is then taken to a plant where it is then recycled and eventually turned into other paper products. See? Not only would you be protecting yourself and your company, but you'll be helping to protect the environment too.

For those important documents you elect to keep, if they are important enough to store in your filing cabinet, they are likely important enough to digitize and store on a hard drive. Through some document management systems, you can easily store and retrieve your records and even create workflows, streamlining your whole process. But that's a whole other topic. Click the button at the bottom of this page to learn more about our document management product.

Resources:  IRS.govBBB.org

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