5 ways R.K. Black Shredding saves natural resources (Infographic)

R.K. Black has been in the paper shredding business for four years now. So just for kicks, a few weeks ago we decided to do some research based on our numbers and some some statistics from recycling-revolution.com on recycling paper just to see how much R.K. Black — with the help of our shredding clients' businesses — has helped the environment. 

We learned that as of a month ago, R.K. Black Shredding has recycled nearly 2,000 tons of paper from our client businesses.

Here's an infographic to show what that means for the environment: 

Infographic of 5 ways R.K. Black Shredding saves resources through recycling in Oklahoma City, OK

So, yes, those statistics are not too shabby, but our shredding is not the only way we are green. We're also endevour to be good stewards of our beautiful planet in many other aspects as well.

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