3 fun printable turkey cut-out patterns for your Thanksgiving table

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and if you're like a lot of people, you're thinking about the food, family, friends, fun — oh, and let's not forget the football — you'll be enjoying this Thursday. If you're looking for a way to add that extra Thanksgiving touch to your table — and maybe even give the kids something extra to do — you know, knock out two birds with one stone, how about adding some paper turkeys to your table? 

Here are three different free, downloadable and printable paper turkey patterns we found you can print out at your office or wherever you have a printer and then give to the younglings. Arm them with some scissors and glue — and in some cases crayons and markers — and you'll have not only some new decor, but time to work on getting that real turkey and stuffing ready for the table.

See, here is R.K. Black not only solutions to your office, but to your home too! Enjoy!

First, there's this Turkey:

Image of paper printable turkey for Thanksgiving decoration

This design, from Macula.tv, you can download in PDF form by clicking here. Here are the instructions: https://macula.tv/papercraft/. If you can't find them, on the "Pick by Name" drop-down at the top of the page, click "Thanksgiving Turkey."

According to Macula, you should print it out on 110 lb. white card stock.

Items you'll need:
-Craft Knife
-Small Stick (the end of a small paint brush, chopstick, or shish kabob stick)
-Metal Ruler
-Cutting Board
-Paper Towel (to wipe off excess glue)

Then there is this option: 

Image of printed, stuffed paper turkey

Featured on the Aunt Annie's Crafts website, this one has more of a 3-D look due to it's being stuffed with tissues. According to the site, this design can even be used for a mobile.

For the instructions and downloadable turkey templates (both black and white and color options), click here.

Suggested supplies: - White computer paper
- Facial tissue
- Scissors
- White glue and a glue stick
- Chopsticks
- Optional: Crayons, markers, craft knife, cutting board, transparent tape, paperclip

Then there's this last fella: 

Image of printable paper turkey design for Thanksgiving decorationFound on spacestation42.com, this turkey is also three-dimensional but is perhaps the simplest of them all, requiring only one page to print, some scissors and glue.

Click here for the instructions and the downloadable black and white (a colorable option) and the color templates.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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