Document Security: Shredding alone doesn't cut it

Ever hear that expression “Don’t throw out the baby with the bath water?” Well, if you’re going to get rid of a copier without checking the security of the information on its hard drives, you’re going to do exactly that.

You see, the baby in this case is all of those tax documents, human resource files, ID cards, client lists, proposals and other sensitive files that saw the light under the copier lid.

All of those images are stored on the copier in its hard-drive or hard drives — yes, they can have as many as four — and stay there until they are wiped from the drives or the drives are removed.

So when trading in a used piece of office equipment, inquire as to what will be done to protect the data on the hard drives. If you desire, as is the case with some of our clients, have the drives removed and left with you. The dealer should be able to do so for a small fee. But you may not have to go to that measure as the dealer may, as is true at RK Black, as part of its policy, automatically wipe all drives before deploying the copiers to their next sites.

Concerning computer hard drives, make sure to wipe them before disposing of them. As a last measure of protection, whenever you're looking to hire a shredding company to destroy your paper documents, ask them if they can destroy your hard drives as well.

Often the mobile shredding truck will have a special contraption on board made specifically for hard-drive destruction. The RK Black Shredding truck’s device sends a punch through the hard drive’s casing, through the platters and out the other side, rendering the drive useless. Watch the video above.

To protect yourself, your company and coworkers from a data breach or identity theft, when you think document security, don’t just think of just paper shredding or network firewalls as the only means to ensuring your safety. Think about every piece of equipment bearing a hard-drive in your office. Make sure its wiped or destroyed when it leaves for the last time, because as the saying goes “Dead men tell no tales."

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