Document Management: Better organization, more security, less Kleenex

Document management. By now you've probably heard the term, but like many, you may not know what it is other than ... well ... something dealing with managing documents.

Well, it's actually quite simple. Document management is the use of a computer system and software to manage, store and track documents, whether those documents are already electronic or made electronic through use of a scanner.
Upon hearing that definition, if you have done anything with filing systems, records keeping, bank boxes and store rooms, you probably see the advantages of using a document management system over conventional document filing and storage — namely, better organization and security, less storage ... and less Kleenex. 

Superior File Organization

Getting your documents turned into digital files will make them more accessible and easier to locate than physical files. This technique will also help out with organization and the filing practice, saving you time and money. 

Greater File Security

Having a lock and key on your filing cabinet performs pretty well, but only so far. Housing your data files in a digital atmosphere brings out larger measures of security for your documents and only permits access to particular individuals. Even more, hosting your documents "in the cloud" protects them from destuction should your physical location — Heaven forbid — catch fire, get flooded, blown away by a tornado (You know ... this is Oklahoma), or the like. 

Less Storage 

Many businesses store their documents in rows of filing cabinets, in banker boxes in rooms, or offsite in warehouses, storage units or with other businesses that store documents as a service. Besides, if you do store your documents in a storage unit, when it comes time to move or search through those files, you had better bring a dust mask, and a box or two of tissue paper. Once you remove those bank box covers, you'll discover you've been storing your boxes in the cloud alright — in a dust cloud waiting to happen. It's amazing how much dust settles in just a few years. Why do that when you can put all of that data in the cloud (a much cleaner one) and use the newly gained office space for other purposes and/or not have to pay rent? 

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