Google to end support for Google Cloud Print this year

By Amber Shelton, Solutions Specialist

All good things must come to an end and such is the case for Google Cloud Print — Google’s cloud-based printing solution. 

Google to end Google Cloud Print support

November of last year, Google announced their intent to discontinue support of Google Cloud Print, a utility that allows users to connect their home and work printers to the web, making it possible to print from anywhere using any Internet-connected device, inclusive of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. 

As such, beginning on Jan. 1, 2021, devices across all platforms will not be able to use Cloud Print.

Don't worry! Google offers alternatives

So for those of you using Google Cloud Print and wondering what to do, don’t worry! There are some options, one of which, we at RK Black specialize in. 

Here's the scoop ...

While Google recommends a number of various alternatives to Google Cloud Print, among them some native printing options as well as solutions provided by third-party cloud-printing providers, they specifically point to PaperCut's Mobility Print utility.

Check out PaperCut Mobility Print as a Google Cloud Print alternative

With PaperCut Mobility Print, you can easily discover and set up printers, regardless of the operating system or device manufacturer. It works in mixed environments of Chrome, Mac, Windows or Android operating systems, mobile or PC. What’s more is that it’s free!

While the fact that PaperCut Mobile Print is free is always good, what is better is the fact Google recommends it. It speaks volumes that Google chose PaperCut. 

We all agree that it is great that PaperCut Mobile Print is offered at no charge!  What makes it even better is that Google chose PaperCut because their platform offers additional, valuable options that allow fleet management, user and device management and cost cutting controls. 

The truth is that no one helps manage print in any environment like PaperCut. Their offerings are leading the industry when it comes to simplifying processes, improving productivity, cutting print costs and allowing simple yet robust management of devices and users throughout an organization.

Talk to us

RK Black is a Premier Papercut Partner in Oklahoma and Kansas and has more trained/certified team members than any other dealer in either state. So, if you need help with setting up Papercut Mobile Print as a replacement for the outgoing Google Cloud Print, we can help you with that and more! Just reach out to us or to me specifically, and we’ll give you a hand.

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